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Name: Holly
Age: 16 Solar Cycles
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight:120 lbs.
Natural Hair Color:Brown
Natural Eye Color:Green


Obsessions: Anime, Outer Space, Digital Art, Wolves
Philosophy: Go Rin No Sho Written by Miyamoto Musashi
Religion:Adopted the religion Wicca
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Just a digital kitty girl trying to make my way in this human world.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Geekdom - I really really like blinky lights, beepy noises, knobs, dials, switches and buttons. I like computers and elektro-gizmos, digital art and elektronic music (oontz oontz oontz!), circuit boards, flashing lights, robots, cyborgs, and aliums. I also really like rubber and plastic clothing, big stompy platform shoes, people with antenna, and other geeks/dorks/nerds.

Reading - The Spider Garden, Hydrophidian, Anne Rice, Harry Potter, Ender's Game, Dune, Angry Young Spaceman, The Hitchhiker's Guide, The Art of War, The Sandman, The Little Prince...

Anime - Wolf's Rain, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Ghost in the Shell, Chobits, Risky-Safety!, X (both series and movie), Gunslinger Girl, Voices of a Distant Star, D.N.Angel, Card Captor Sakura, Dream Hunter Rem, Pita Ten, Eerie Queerie, Love Hina, Angel Sanctuary , Ah! My Goddess, Princess Mononoke, HellSing, Lunar: SSS/EB,

Likes: Driving fast, speed lines, trance& metal music, poodle skirts, sushi, caffine, cherries, blue raspberry slurpies, ice cream sundays, goin out dancing, Slytherines, cat ears, sleeping under big cozy blankies, thick geeky glasses, 1950's Sci-Fi, ray guns, space ships, smiling, dancing, snuggling, purring, sleeping, squeels of joy and sighs of relief.

Grooves Too:Stromkern, Pride and Fall, Covenant, Seabound, Syrian, Echo Image, Icon of Coil, Juno Reactor, Haujobb, Apoptygma Berzerk, Lamb, Cyndi Lauper, Portishead, Infected Mushroom, Assemblage 23,Neurotic Fish,Cosmicity, Covenant, Vnv Nation, Ayria, Wolfsheim,De/vision,Mesh, Syrian, Glis, Massiv in Mensch.

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